stands for freedom

Dalila is a brand that stands for


owning the diversity

supporting empowerment

It shows unity in our culture with people all over the world.

The iconic logo of

is an Amazigh jewel that symbolizes the power of the free people (also known as Imazighen).

Dalila Abaouz is born and raised in Amsterdam.
In 2018 she graduated as a Fashion designer and she started her own brand DALILA.

She always gets inspired by her own roots. (Amazigh - North african) She finds that there is more to know and learn about this specific culture and she wants to bring that back in her designs.

Dalila wants to inspire people with the story lines she uses for her collections. Her goal is not just to be a fashion designer but also a story teller.

Our innovative vision of culture dares people to get inspired by the designs and sets people up to change.

We don’t want to change culture, instead we want to bring all different kinds of people together to connect all the cultures in a new way.